Change is inevitable, so why are most people reluctant to it? Some people view change as an opportunity to grow and other view it as death of a chapter. What if both perspectives are correct? If that’s the case, when experiencing change we grieve and embrace new opportunity.

I view change as something that is meant to happen regardless of who we are. From the adaptation of becoming an adult from a child to moving from one environment to another. Change is one of the commodities of Life. It is the releasing of something old and welcoming something new. When we accept Jesus in our lives we no longer conform to the patterns of the world but we are transformed by the renewal of our mind. In Jesus we are made new. It’s natural to grieve the old you; it’s the only thing you’ve known for so long. Anytime you lose anything, it is common to have a mourning process. From a Stuffed animal you’ve had since you were a child to losing your great grand mother, it is natural to have to grieve something or someone that has been apart of you for a long period of time. That is why postpartum depression is significant because a mother is losing who she was before the baby, losing the body of what she had before the baby and losing the lifestyle she had before the baby. Leaving the old behind and entering the new. When we fear change we are hindering ourselves to receive the blessing God has for us. Instead of wishing or wanting the old you back, cherish the moments you’ve had and trust that God will introduce you to new even more opportunities that are far greater than the ones in the past.

When we are more receptive to change we are able to embrace new opportunity and new levels with open arms. In this next season of your life you need to let go of the past and stop replaying what could’ve been. Everything has happened for a reason. Embrace change and just go.

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