Having the ability to produce clear visual definition requires submission towards your ambition.

Neglecting the things of your past ensuring your future will last.

Walking on a tight rope knowing one wrong decision can deter you from your destiny. Placing on foot in front of the other, being so focused that in the dark you have light to see.

Change is inevitable, we were meant to evolve, so someone talking down on your growth is just an enemy is a cloak.

Sit down or Stay woke. Don’t take you or your future for a joke.

Vision so clear is giving God permission to steer

Because if ewe try we might die.

Separating soul and flesh

One lives surpass all this mess

So we have to do our best

To get out of this mess

Believe in our hearts and say it with our chest that we wouldn’t accept anything less.

We are not the same but all one under his name

So staying in our lane will keep us sane

Don’t hat the player hate the game

We all have the same goal in this game we call life and must cut the enemy with a knife.

Lust of the mind

Lust of the eyes

And the Pride of life


We must shrift and set boundaries for ourselves

So that our focus is not knocked off by anyone else.

Standing the test of time knowing you cant rewind

Inhaling courage and exhaling fear

Thanking God for tunnel vision cause now you can see clear!

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