Is Freedom really Free?

Is Freedom really Free?

Freedom is what everyone seeks

But is it what’s made out to be?

Freedom requires you to make decisions that you normally wouldn’t make

Giving others an opinion different from the one that is already made

Its not like their opinion matter but it does hurt when they scatter

Even though it leaves you shattered, Don’t worry that’s just Gods way of telling you to move your dish on a different platter.

You were sitting at the wrong table, casting your rubies onto swine

Thinking everything is fine, only to wish you could rewind

But all Good things takes time so you’ll turn out fine

You may seem lost but it costs to be the boss

Their say elevation requires separation

To grow is a natural process of elimination to who you surround yourself around

Be careful of hanging around clowns

Are you prepared to do what it takes for your freedom sake?

Just be you and everything you aspire will be true

You will make it through

Trust the process

Freedom isn’t Free but that’s the ultimate goal so do what you have to

Stay focused and all of your dreams will come true!

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